5 Awesome yet Weird Fruit Ice Creams to Try Out This Hot Summers


Why not take it as an inspiration for trying out some new ice cream flavors.

It’s Ice cream in this weather is the deepest of the heart's desires. Not only is ice cream just a delightful treat, but this is a fun moment to have relief from the sweltering heat. We have got you the five wacky flavors that will keep your cravings satisfied. Get more than vanilla and strawberry and pick the other flavors made of exotic fruits.




For all the ' NARIAL' lovers out there!

It's not a surprise that coconut is found in mainly every Indian household, for rituals or for coconut water. It's used highly in the kitchen for making coconut barfi, coconut chutney. And they are magical, don't you think?

With its light and soothing taste, only one scoop of ice cream can do its magic of lemonade in the heatwave. If it's made with a lot of dry fruits, it's indeed irresistible.




Are you fond of mangoes? With the season of yummy mangoes upon us, the exotic Alphonso mango ice cream is best for the scorching summers. So why not have a summer treat with the scoop of the delicious ice cream? It’s sweet, fruity, and energetic – making it a favorite pick for fresh sweet mangoes.


You know what; you can either order it online or make it at home with just two ingredients- milk and mangoes.




Have you seen the purplish-blue small round-shaped fruit that looks fascinating, it's Blueberry! Blueberry ripes and changes its color from green to purplish-blue, and believe me, they are one of the most nutritious food plus very delicious.

Blueberry ice cream is a yummy option for the kids that gives them a kickstart of energy. It’s also has stress-busting properties.

Its taste is the next level of sweet indulgence ever!!!




Jaggery is a natural sweetener with zero sugar. And yet it’s very healthy. If you are health conscious and trust me, you can have this. Everyone loves having jaggery milk, but only a few know that you can also have jaggery ice cream. Many stores have jaggery ice cream, or you can check out its recipe and make it at home.

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Litchi fruit is a tiny fruit with that somewhat spiky red texture from the outside, whereas its interior is soft, pulpy, and fleshy. A delightful tropical taste with a large hard brown seed.

As for Litchi ice cream, it is even tastier; it’s light, fresh, and undeniably creamy. One fascinating fact about this ice cream is that it has no form of refined sugar, and it is a comprehensive combination of healthy fats and antioxidants.


Wrapping Up:


Eating distinct flavors of ice cream is the classic summertime chill-out activity. What's more, unwinding to do than prepare or buy these exotic fruit flavors of ice cream? Have you tried any of these?

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