It's no secret that everyone, whether a homemaker or a working woman, focuses on lowering down the expenditure and increasing the savings. Nevertheless, these women take big steps to do that. Cut down the groceries only buying essentials or stay home instead of vacations, canceling amazon prime subscription, or much more.

Many people would have given you this advice 'make a list and stick to it. Nothing new. A budget indeed makes it easier to save for rainy days and have financial security. Budgeting is all you need to start savings at every step. We do want to cut down on the things you need. In fact, we want you to save on daily essentials. Yes! When you use Dealivana, it is all about the craving for the best and not just canceling them.

Here are five ways to bring the joy of budget with Dealivana.


#1: Stop! Think And Relax. Save On Groceries And Home Deliveries


It's time you chow down and get a life out of the bargaining with vendors. Make a list of the things you need. Keep them added to your cart. That's the step you take while you are stocking up on groceries, fruits, veggies, food, drinks, and more. You can shop for the things, add our promo code (not before signing up with us), and go through our app to get the desired grocery cashback deals and offers .

Here's another one: when you order from Zomato, Swiggy, or any other online delivery app, our restaurant offers tons of deals (exclusively for you) when you can have mouth-watering food and prep for the coming days by not going out of the budget.

Go online and find a new favorite food spot, and you’ll definitely save some penny with dealivana food offers!


#2: Travel Savings! Go On An Outing And Save Big With Travel Offers


Going on holidays, vacations, wedding bells- somewhere is always there you can go, which means higher expenses. Luckily, you have got us to make your travel expenses a bit lower. While booking flights, or hotels, we can help you with the reservations and get your exclusive cashback on travel.


#3: Show Some Affection! Get Your Loved One Flowers And Gifts And Get Cashback


Every time birthdays and anniversaries are what makes life interesting. Who doesn't love a good deal? So, when you are sending flowers to your girlfriend, or headphones to your younger brother, pick out the best with our flower delivery offers.

Always remember to visit the retailer's website through the Dealivana app to get the cashback.


#4: Education Piggy Bank: Find Great Deals On Online Courses


Education is very important for every kid. Yet, we can't avoid it. Online education is the basis of the future. So, find the education deals on all types of best online learning platforms and get ready for a bright future (within your budget) whether you’re preparing for govt. exams, Law, Design & Architecture, Cloud Computing, or many more.


#5: Instant cashback on every deal


How about getting cashback every time you shop for something or other? From gifts to groceries, from medicines to entertainment, you can get the highest cashback on every deal. If something is truly easy, it’s using Dealivana and having your budget being successful this month.

Start saving today!

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