6 Must-have Skirts To Add In Your Closet Now!!!


Skirt being the oldest feminine fashion is a must-have for every woman. From full-length maxi skirts or, to curvy flared skirts, everybody shapes requires a different type of skirt to be comfortable and chic. Thankfully, you can style skirt outfits on any occasion.

  • Mini skirt


Mini skirts are ready to go when it's your dream date with your love or, you are gonna rock the night at the music concert. A mini skirt is a must-have for every young girl. Try it out with the full sleeve short top or a tie-on top. Don't forget to complete your look with hoop earrings. If you want to buy a Miniskirt, then check out the Marks And Spencer collection.

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  • Wrap skirt


Wrap skirts are such easy pieces to make a fashion statement and go in semi-formals. The best part is that you can style it up in any season- summer, spring or winter. The wrap skirt is one of the spring favorites because it beats the formal nature with the playfulness of a street style vogue, meaning you can wrap it for nearly any season (office to after-work night parties, housewarmings, anyone?). So, add these to your wardrobe. Buy Now!

  • Asymmetrical skirt


Asymmetrical skirts are skirts that are different in lengths throughout the skirt, giving a unique style that befits almost any occasion. The most well-liked kinds of asymmetrical skirts are now the ones in georgette or net, the ones knee-length shorter in front, and longer in back. Just like jeans are wardrobe essential, it’s good to have an asymmetrical skirt in your wardrobe for those impromptu evening parties. Buy Now!

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  • Button up skirt


When you want to have a slightly old-school feel, button-front skirts are a stylish option for the office as well as weekend brunch. Wear them with an oversize belt and a silk camisole for an effortlessly chic ensemble. Carry a sequin top with your front button skirt for a party look or a furry sweater with your skirt to amp up the style game! Shop Now!

  • Denim skirt


You can literally style denim with anything. Be it a sweatshirt, high neck sweater, off-shoulder top, or tank top, everything goes well with denim. It can be mini skirt length or maxi length, it's good to go for any occasion. Get ready for brunch and style it with high boots. A sweater goes well with denim, a super chic winter look. Or try a classic long coat with flat boots and a midi skirt. Buy Now!

  • Maxi skirt


For a perfect tropical day out at the beach or a window shopping day with your girlfriends, floral maxi skirts pay off the best. A maxi skirt is just what you need! Along with amazing relaxed summer outfits, they can also go well for evening gatherings and wintertime looks. Pair it with a white high neck top and a black blazer, add black boots and, here you go. Semi-formal and classy you!

Floral maxi skirts are perfect for a boho look, partnered with a camisole top and sandals. Don't forget to complete your look with beaded jewelry. Buy Now!

  • Skater skirt


Now comes the school-time favorite, the skater skirt that has a flattering look for every body shape. If you want a formal look, pair it up with a coat. For winter, go for a sleek cardigan and warm beanie, or tuck in a chambray shirt with a subtle neck choker to have a chic look. Get a party look with the skater skirt by having an off-shoulder top, bold liquid lipstick, and knee-high boots. Buy now!


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