9 Cool Gadgets Online on Flipkart under Rs 500


Who doesn't want to have all updated gadgets? However, with rising demands, technology has become an overpriced sector in the market. Online shopping is the best way to be updated with new gadgets; you can get the best at lower prices than offline shopping.

People these days are mad about online shopping, and when we know that we can get the coolest gadget at such amazing prices, why would we not take advantage of that.

Flipkart is one of the best e-commerce platforms that drive millions of sales per year. What makes it the first choice for its customers is its great prices and exclusive collection. You can get everything on Flipkart, literally everything. From fashion to electronics, Flipkart is ruling for a decade. Even it gets the best discounts on electronics.

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Here, we have you a plethora of gadgets under 500 that are worthy for you.


Zebronics 100HB High Speed 4 Port USB Hub

Affordable Gadget maker Zebronics has a big portfolio of USB ports. With the growing need for PC peripherals, we are in current need of USB ports, as we need to get information from PCs. This gadget from Zebronic is the problem to all your solutions; you will get 3 extra ports of good quality that will transfer all your data at high speed.

Ambrane Turbo Car Charger

Are you someone who spends most of their time traveling in the car and requires charging your phone? This gadget is of quite good quality and will charge your phone right away while you travel.

The Ambrane instant car charger is a QUALCOMM approved fast car charger that can charge the phone 4 times faster than that other chargers can do based On Quick Charge 3.0 Technology.

It also promotes normal 2.4A charging to charge devices that need an economical power supply. This device lets you charge two devices at a time along with good quality Micro USB cable.

AMYTEL 10000 mAh Power Bank

If you are a phone addict and always looking for a charging point, then you have to buy an AMYTEL 10000 mAh Power Bank that comes with a small LED display to keep a check on its battery. As the name suggests, it has a 10,000mAh battery that gives a maximum output of 5V/2.4A. This is a Lithium Polymer Power Bank with 9 layer protection chips.

Mobile Game Controller

Mobile gaming is the thrill no teenager misses in today's world. Mobile gaming has gained a tremendous spot nowadays and teens are wasting a lot of time while playing games on mobile. Therefore, we bring you a device that makes it simple to play games on mobile as we play on a controller. This device will have to control your mobile game space just after setting an option. It is easy to use with any smartphone model.

A3s Prime USB-Type C Male to 3.5 mm jack adapter

Jack adapter is one of the new devices that has become popular in the last few years. Now the new smartphones are coming with Type C chargers without the 3.5mm jacks. This jack adapter is just for Rs 349, now you can enjoy headphones with your smartphone at such a great cost.

Flipkart SmartBuy Turbo Wireless Mouse

The wired mouse can be a huge hassle if you have to work on the laptop the whole day. Every device is going wireless so why should the mouse be left alone. This wired mouse is just for Rs. 449 and supports all windows and Mac.

Mi SJX02ZM 2 in 1 USB Type C Cable

Micro USB and Type C are some of the best options in PC peripherals under Rs 500. Type C is so common that almost everyone has it in his or her house. This USB C-type cable is just the thing you need to work fast. This is a 1m tangle-free cable that supports quick charging as well as fast data transfer. No more waiting for hours to transfer a file to a PC.

Car Mobile Holder for Windshield Dashboard

A much-needed device for a traveller. This device not only makes your driving easy but also you can keep an eye on the various angles. Yes, it has a gel suction so it can easily be attached to the windshield giving you multiple viewing angles. This device is best for those who use GPS while driving too much.

AMK tech Tripod 3110 Camera Stand

If you are a photography lover, then you ought to buy this. This is a steady and easy-to-carry tripod stand with 4 section legs. Now you can take a shot of sunset and sunrise without the movement of the camera.

Wrapping Up!

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