Best Green Tea Brands In India To Try For Good Health


Green tea, loaded with antioxidants and a lot of natural healing properties, is a miracle drink for health. You should know that people who drink green tea every day have high immunity as compared to those who don't.

One should start their day on a healthy note by sipping a cup of green tea. Not only an immunity builder but also it acts as a stress buster.

So if you are new to green tea, we suggest you choose the right one for you, the one that suits your taste buds, some are sweet, some are with the infusions of seaweed. So let’s see which popular green tea brands are there for you to choose.

Lipton Green Tea

Lipton brings you zero-calorie pure and light green tea that helps you to boost metabolism, thus easy weight loss. Lipton is one of the oldest and known tea brands in India that is trusted by people. It's tagline, 'Feel light, feel active' is the way to a healthy heart as it is rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) antioxidants. So buy today!

Tetley Green Tea

With the goodness of healthy bioactive compounds, Tetley green tea is undoubtedly an exceptional source of promoting wellness in the body. Not limiting its benefits to this, the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial features in green tea may make it a powerful therapy for acne-prone and oily skin. According to a study, the polyphenol content in green tea reduces sebum secretion thus making your skin acne-free.

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Organic India Green Tea

Containing Ashwagandha, lemon ginger, this green tea is 100% organic and is a wonderful way to refresh yourself with a good taste. From anti-oxidant properties to support the immune system, green tea has a long list of health benefits it provides.

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24 Mantra Organic Green Tea

24 Mantra Organic Green Tea is flavored with Tulsi and it's another great choice for those who are a newbie to start drinking green tea. This chemical-free green tea is sourced from Tea estates of Assam and yields a delicious, original flavor to a healthy lifestyle. This versatile tea works splendidly hot or iced, making it an excellent pick to stay in the cupboard year-round.

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LaPlant Green Tea

Whether it's your morning tea, or your evening relaxing tea, we totally recommend LaPlant green tea to you. Made with fascinating flavors such as lemon, jasmine, mint, and ginger, this tea is yet infused with the blend of leaves sourced that makes it a light and ideal choice, so don't wait. Buy today!

Himalaya's Green Tea

This detoxifying green tea is a top-rated herbal brand that is chemical-free. Another savory and top-rated green tea brand, Himalayas Green Tea has a gentle and very subtle hearty flavor. With its tender green tea flavor and calming aroma, we love sipping Himalaya Green tea in the morning for a strong antioxidant boost. Buy Now from Amazon and get cashback on every grocery essentials.

Taj Mahal Green Tea

Rich in antioxidants, the Taj Mahal Green Tea comes in various flavors, each variant is a delightful treat to tea lovers. Flavored with healthy honey, lemon, and bergamot orange fruit, this green tea is invigorating and is a classic tea with a delicate aroma.

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Final Words

Now that you know all the benefits of green tea, why not include it in your diet? Shop for green tea from Amazon and save up to 40% off on grocery essentials with the Amazon Super Saver offer.

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