Get All Food Benefits Under One Bumbershoot With Zomato Gold Membership Offer


W ho isn't fond of delicious food?

While a comforting meal is the wish of everyone, always finding the right restaurant is a difficult task. And in this time of Covid, home delivery of food is highly needed. So, here Zomato's Gold offer is your life savior as it gets you amazing offers on all partner restaurants and yummy food on your doorstep.

Lets know Zomato Gold

If you love online ordering of food, then Zomato Gold has the best way for priority deliveries and economical dining. From Italian to Indian, Chinese to Mughlai, Zomato has developed its plan so that nothing can stop you from getting the free dishes across the whole menu of restaurants. Be it a cafe, cafeteria, or bar, Zomato Gold gets you the exotic dishes that will forget you have a look at prices.

Plus, the Gold members can get complimentary deals on every order. Having yummy food without seeing the price cannot be better without Zomato. Isnt it great?

Zomato Gold Benefits: A Nest Full Of Eggs Under One Tree

Get Complimentary Dishes

When you are a Gold member, and you book through Zomato, the restaurant provides you with complimentary dishes. It's not just the complimentary dishes, it is the second expensive dish on their menu that is served to you.

Classic Gift Cards

On every occasion, Zomato offers you gift cards that are excellent for celebrations, anniversaries, and festival gifts. Get a hassle-free dining experience with family and friends. Moreover, this doesn't knit to the friends or family, these gift cards can be used for corporate needs as well.

Affordable Online Food Orders

Zomato Gold membership benefits don't end here, all Zomato Gold members can get affordable online food orders as well. This benefit is not available on combos and special dishes. One can get a maximum discount of Rs 300.

Time To Pay Online

Zomato Gold is ideal for those who dont want to carry cash. Even in five-star restaurants, you can pay directly through the Zomato Gold app and show the screen to its staff and here you go!

Ideal for Fastest Delivery

Yes, Gold members get 20% faster delivery which means you don't have to wait longer. Break the barriers to long waiting times and get it at your doorstep.

Order on Zomato With Dealivana

With dealivana, save big on food. Amazon Gold Membership has a great number of benefits. But when you order from Zomato via Dealivana, you will get 50% off on the first 5 orders and along with that 20% Paytm cashback. So what are you waiting for? Avail the Zomato offer today and enjoy mouth-watering food at your home or dine out somewhere with buddies.

Become a Zomato Gold Member and Order Now!

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