Go Indian With Makeup Brands: Try These Organic Beauty Brands This 2021


You've heard it before, and you know how effective grandma's remedies are. From stress and anxiety to beauty tips, grandma knows best. This time we will show you the leading names in herbal makeup products that are a part of the holistic beauty approach. Ironically, we have drawn towards the chemical and luxury makeup brands out there. Nowadays, plenty of Indian Ayurveda brands have luxurious status in the beauty bazaar.

Himalaya Herbals


True to its name, Himalaya herbals is one of the first brands to be completely organic. This Indian herbal brand offers good quality baby care, personal care, mom's care products, and pharmaceutical products made from the rare herbs from the foothills of the Himalayas. Being the best wellness brand since 1930, the homegrown label has all its products tested.

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Kama Ayurveda


The brand worth trying, Kama Ayurveda is known to be the top organic luxury brand. Manufacturing all its products with plant-based ingredients, you may find self-care products for skin, eyes, hair, men's care, bathing, and body care.

Khadi Natural


One of the best and most beloved organic brands in India, Khadi Natural has an array of affordable yet high-quality products. Reaching up to 5 countries, Khadi has focused on manufacturing chemical-free products under the supervision of Ayurveda experts. If you have tried Khadi, you may know how blissful aromas are there in soaps and body oils. You can find a wide range of skincare, body care, and hair care products for you. Buy from Amazon.

Ruby’s Organics


Ruby's organics has a complete herbal makeup range. From lip balm to lip liner, mascara to eye shadow, primer to foundations, they have everything. You won't believe it, it is the result of a kitchen experiment of a housewife who used natural ingredients like cocoa butter, castor oils, and more. Plus, the products are homemade in a coffee grinder.



Formulated with natural, trustworthy, and all-natural elements, Soul Tree is an Ayurveda ancient brand with 5000 years of the legacy by Himalayan masters. The brand has preserved the health and name of Indian Ayurveda and its powers with its optimal products.

Skin Yoga


Just like its name, skin yoga products are therapy to the skin. In this hush and bush of busy life, Skin Yoga products are made with the vision of offering peace to body, mind, and soul. Keeping its 100% organic, Skin Yoga is known for its longer shelf life products with only natural ingredients.

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