L ooking for an elixir that will shed the fat from your body? Unfortunately, this is nothing that you will drink and become fit instantly. Nothing!

The older the fat, the more time it takes to lose. Losing fat entails a careful combination of your routine, eating habits, exercising, no anxiety and stress, and sleeping pattern. But, definitely including some superfoods in your diet can boost your metabolism, fastening the weight loss. One of those is green tea.

We all have seen how advertisements show that drinking green tea and lose with weight fats. But is there is a connection between weight loss and green tea? Let's read out further to know.

Green tea is a kind of magic drink that boosts your metabolism, keeps your blood sugar level optimum. Green tea brands are great in number, and every green tea has different flavors, so choose the best brand and flavor according to your taste.

It Stimulates the 'Good' Fat

The point is that our body contains good fats and bad fat. Most of the time, while working out, we forget about that and continue to shed healthy fat instead of bad fat. Good fat is the magic buffet that contributes to a better insulin level. Green tea manages the good fat and reduces the bad fat from the body. Isnt it great?

It shrinks fat cells and lowers cholesterol.

Here's a tip for you: When we gain weight, it is not only fats but high cholesterol as well, which is not good, of course. So, here's when green tea comes in. It is full of catechins, a compound that triggers the release of fat cells present in the belly ( we know how stubborn belly fat is) and lowers LDL cholesterol levels in the body.

It Acts As An Energy Booster After A Workout

The best part is yet to be here. An intense workout makes everyone dizzy, and recovering takes time. But green tea is a savior. If you drink green tea every day, your cells develop a resistance to damage and pain caused by exercise, boosting your energy.


Final Words

Now you know green tea is effective against weight loss, and thus, it has a super drink for you to include in your diet. Remember, dont overdose the green tea as it has caffeine content, so avoid drinking before bed.

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Say bye to belly fat!!!

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