Hey Food Lovers! Know All About Zomato Credits


Hey foodies! 

It's no secret that Zomato has made our lives easier with online food ordering. While Zomato has been around for about 13 years now, it has served millions of customers around the globe. From restaurant options to food discounts, it never fails to keep its customers excited. 

13 years of Zomato

Just like a cherry on the pie, Zomato Gold Membership has a whole lot of benefits for its users, be it dine-in, complimentary dishes to fastest delivery, customer satisfaction is its prime goal.

But everything can go unexpectedly sometimes, isn't it?  In such a scenario when your order gets late, or they are unable to get your food, Zomato has come up with a great way to compensate.

Read on to know about what.

You may have heard of ‘Zomato Credits’ often.

Zomato credits are an amount returned to your Zomato account, especially when your order is prepaid or the delivery is not what you expected. Therefore, let’s learn more about how you can check your Zomato Credits balance.

Zomato credits are referral credits used by the customer care team as a stand-in for rebates and compensations. To use them, open the Zomato app, click on “Manage Payments”, and you can find the credit balance there.


How To Earn Zomato Credits?


Zomato credits are not precisely a reward, but it's a way to compensate for the barriers to the food orders placed. But if we see it as a reward, we can use it on our next order. There is also another way to earn Zomato Credits, just by Zomato Refer & Earn Program. What to do for the ‘Refer & Earn’ program?

Open the Zomato app. Check the 'FREE MEAL' Option. There you will see the promo code that you have to share with your friends or family on Whatsapp, Facebook, or any other messenger.

When your friend places an order for a minimum of Rs.300, you will receive Rs.100 as Zomato Credits and your friend will also earn a Rs.100 discount on the order placed.



Where To Find Your Zomato Credits?


To find the Zomato Credits, you need to sign up with your email address. Now, you have to open the Account Settings”. 

Tap on the “Manage Payment” options and see the credit balance. Here you go.


How to Use Your Zomato Credits?


Generally, the Zomato credits automatically get added while placing the next order. As a discount, it's a gift from Zomato for referring it to your new users. Or compensation for your bad food experience with them. So, what are you waiting for? Have a good experience every time you order food with Zomato.

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