Latest Mehndi Designs For Hariyali Teej This Year


In the array of festivals, if there is something that excites the women is the mehndi. From little girls to married women, every feminine loves applying the special mehndi design for the day. When it comes to henna designs, every girl has her own preferences. Some go for heavy mehndi design while some love Arabic mehndi design.

How is Teej Celebrated?


Festivals have started from Teej to Raksha Bandhan, everything is on the way. The second half of the year is filled with happiness. Teej embraces the monsoons. It is primarily devoted to Goddess Parvathi and her wedlock with Lord Shiva.

Teej is a special festival for married women. Saawan Ke Jhule and mehndi are the exciting part of their occasion. This is the time when women enjoy their marriage the most with all the bright ethnic dresses, Jewellery, flowers, jhula, henna, and dancing and enjoying the fast for their husband.

Ladies like to get their palms and feet adorned in henna and spend hours choosing the best one.

Therefore, to all the ladies out there, we have curated a list of mehndi designs that have glitter henna to the minimal yet beautiful henna designs that you can show to your mehndi artist.

Arabic Teej mehndi Designs


Arabic Teej mehndi has a notable grace of its own. The design uses all elements: mandala, floral, shaded designs accented with simplicity and elegance. If you like to keep it simple and classy, then Arabic mehndi Teej designs can be a good catch.

Full hands Teej mehndi Designs


Full hand mehndi is a form of body art during happy occasions and festivities to honor. Full hands mehndi is a metaphorical symbol of wellness and cheer. Full hand mehndi designs are contemporary and eye-catching




Image Source: Henna by Divya

Mandala Teej mehndi Designs


Mandala mehndi designs forever type of designs that are classic and they are a treat to eyes. These designs are made from concentric eyes; from simple mandalas to full hands mandalas have intricate designs for every occasion.

Rajasthani Teej mehndi Designs


Rajasthani mehndi is one of the heaviest henna designs that add a glimpse of the culture. Rajasthani Teej mehndi designs have an extra pinch of ethnicity and beauty. Rajasthani designs are heavy and cover the hands without any gaps. Rajasthani henna centers on features and ethnic elegance. 

Embellished with love, the designs are intricate and look sophisticated yet artistic.

Floral Teej mehndi Designs


Who doesn't like floral mehndi? Floral elements enhance the beauty of henna entwined with petals, flowers, and jaali. Be it Teej or wedding, floral mehndi looks like an elegant embellishment beautifying hands and feet.

To add an artistic feeling of style, you can magnify your floral mehndi designs with sparkle or gems. This will add a decorative set of dazzling gems mehndi attention to your palms. So, be it a floral bracelet mehndi design or something with peacocks and paisleys, or an Arabic floral mehndi that looks sweet, simple, and rich.

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