Ask a few women what's makeup product they can't afford to miss out on their special days. Foundation? Lipstick? or Eyeliner? or Mascara? We can be sure most of them would say mascara that makes their eye look awake. But also it is one of the products that are very difficult to apply perfectly, if you don't know how to apply it. So here, we are sharing some of the most common blunders you make while using mascara.

#1. Apply Mascara Quickly In A Wrong Way.


Many times, you rush over the mascara rather than waggling the wand from each and every side of lashes, this is not the way to put mascara. But you have to wiggle it up and down on both sides and put mascara at the lower lash. This way, you don't have any bumps left and, your lashes look more solid and voluminous.

 #2. Putting Many Coats Of Mascara On Your Lashes. 


If you curl your lashes and apply many coats on the outward-facing side of your lashes, it instantly turns unnatural and causes mascara to plump. By doing this, you add extra volume to the lashes. Be sure to apply only a single stroke.

#3. Curling Your Lashes After Applying Mascara. 


Let us tell you that applying mascara on lashes after mascara can risk the loss of lashes. Always use the curler on clean lashes before putting on mascara. 

#4. Sharing The Mascara Is A Big NO!


We know how sisters share their makeup products but never do it. Sharing mascara can lead to eye infection and, also it can make your mascara volume less due to different applying methods.

#5. Using The Same Mascara For Too Long.


Every makeup product has an expiry date. Most of the time, you keep using the same mascara bottle for many months. This not only makes the mascara turn clumpy after few hours but also can cause an eye infection.

#6: Skipping Concealer On Lids.


The more moisture, the more smudge! So, if you want to say goodbye to smudged mascara, then give yourself a couple of seconds while applying concealer on lids. First, concealer to remove moisture from lashes, then put mascara. Keep your eyes closed —before it dries.

#7: Plumping Your Mascara Wand


Plumping Your Mascara= Gross Mascara Look

Plumping the wand dries out the mascara as air goes inside the bottle or tube. So, never do that if you want your mascara to stay a bit longer.

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