Online Shopping Hacks: Do you save while shopping in online stores?


Gone are those days when we used to roam all over the city to find the things we want. Ranging from grocery to fashion items, now is the time for you to just order online and get them delivered to your doorstep. How simple is that?  Go to the online store, search for the product you need and place the order. Here you go with a click!

And this not only saves your time from going to multiple stores. But it is also a much more cost-effective method than traditional shopping. Especially when you consider that cashback and coupon offers can help you save much on hundreds of online stores.           

Let us see why online shopping makes up a quite cost-effective technique. 

Why is online shopping cost-effective?


Shopping online instead of going to store in-person helps you make a smarter decision. No one can disagree with this fact.

Most of the time when you shop in-person, you never get time to compare the prices properly. The salesperson is well-trained to make you buy the product at the price of his interest. While online shopping, you can analyze well, compare many online stores, and select one that offers you the lowest price for great items.  In fact, here you can discover new cashback offers and the latest coupons online

Online shopping tips & tricks


Here lies the next question by the shoppers “How can we say that this is the most cost-effective choice for us?” So, cutting the clutter let me tell you some tips and tricks of online shopping so that you can save more.

Wait for deals:

This is a very smart hack to save while online shopping. Mainly, Tuesday and Wednesday are the days that observe the most sales. Apart from that, how can we forget the end of season sales by top brands such as Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart, and festivals such as Diwali, Holi also hold off the major deals through which you can save up to 50%

Watch out for free shipping:


Minor costs add up to make a huge price, so while you browse for products try to fulfil the requirement of free shipping. This will save not only money, but also you will order a few things at once. Instead of ordering from various platforms at once, you should go for placing a considerable order on a single shopping site.

For instance, if you place an order of min. amount of Rs. 499, then you can get free delivery on subsequent orders on Amazon. Moreover, you can earn cashback in your wallet if you shop with us.

Join the referral programs:


Try signing up for referral programs before you shop so that you can earn Cashbacks with Dealivana. Simply, invite a friend and get Rs 50 when they shop for the first time. A minimum transaction of Rs. 100 is mandatory.

Add items to your wishlist for some time and leave:


Many online brands get a price drop for the items you added to your cart or wishlist; you will be alerted of the same. As the price drops, you can shop.

Earn Extra Cashback on every online order


Now, you are well aware of the ways to have a big saving on your online shopping orders. We offer you cash payouts, which is the best part. Once you reach the amount of 200, you are free to transfer it to your wallets or bank account.

Download the Dealivana app today and find exclusive deals, offers & coupon codes on all your favorite brands.


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