Skin Care Time: Tips To Keep Your Skin Acne Free In Humid Weather


We all love monsoons, right? The rain and the smell of the wet soil, lovely isn’t it?

But, does your skin love the monsoon? It can’t.

Humid weather is the biggest enemy of the skin. It feels as if the skin has developed a harsh layer of oil. That welcomes the acne and pimples.

Going out in humid weather is quite a pesky compromise that we take; just to have fun in the beautiful days of monsoon. But the result is we know havocs on our skin- acne, inflammation, and whatnot. As the monsoons are about to come, it's time we start taking care of our skin.

So here we are with some skincare tips that will help you combat humid weather.

#1: Maintain A Skincare Routine


Having a skincare routine is the first step towards glowing skin. Doesn't matter how busy you are, give ten minutes of your day to your skin. Cleanse your face in the morning and night. Most of us wash our face in the morning. But only some have a habit of washing it before sleeping. It's essential to sleep with a clean face. Otherwise, oil and dirt clog the pores, and there you go, getting acne and pimples. Or, the better step is to apply a face mask for 10 minutes before sleeping and see what wonders it can do to your skin.

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#2: Keep Your Skin Hydrated


No one can deny the fact, the summers and humid weather make the skin sweaty, which means loss of water. So, make sure you drink a lot of water to add a pinch of extra hydration. The water we drink flushes out the toxins present in the skin.

#3: Try To Use Chemical Free Beauty Products


The season is already humid and sticky enough to clog your skin for the next breakout. There's no need to add your beauty products to the skin to make it more open to acne. This is the mistake we often make. Make a habit to check ingredients before you shop for beauty products.  Stick to chemical-free beauty products. Additionally, they should have natural ingredients like aloe vera that will help to maintain healthy skin during these hot and muggy months.

#4: Moisturize Before Applying Makeup


If the skin is clean and moisturized, the makeup tends to stay longer and doesn't harm the skin. Before applying makeup, wash your face with cold water and pat it dry. (don't be harsh on your face, clean with a soft cloth!) Apply a layer of oil-free moisturizer and blot away the excess. Now you are ready to go with the primer, then foundation, setting spray, fixing powder. Glam look!

#5: Add Sunscreen To Your Daily Routine


Stepping out without SPF protection is a big no!

Here's the most requisite tip for glowing skin. This tip is not only for humid weather, one should always apply sunscreen to their skin. Humidity and sun damage your skin cells, which make it prone to inflammation whereas SPF sunscreens protect your skin cells from the UV rays.

#6: Go easy with lips


We know you love to have a perfect bow with your lipsticks. But, remember that our lips are very sensitive, and lip balms are very essential to nourish them. So, don’t apply lipstick without moisturizing it with lip balm. Plus, applying lip balms can give you a smudge-free pout.

Final words

Hopefully, these were the skincare tips that will give you beautiful and pimple-free skin this season. Do use these tips and let us know if these work for you.

We would love to hear from you!

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