What Is Cashback? Understanding the Concept of Cashback


How can we forget the time when we used to collect coupons left on our doors? A few days ago, I realized something. Let me tell you what.

I went to a local cafe, (it was on Zomato) and I used an online coupon that I received when I recharged my mobile phone online alongside a new app called Dealivana. You would believe I saved Rs 1000 out of the bill of Rs 2500.

Amazing, isn't it?
The waiter wasn't sure how it happened so he had to consult his manager for the same.

Over me was a surf of expressionless faces who didn't get what just happened. They were like, ‘How did you save around 40% instantly?’ Well, I had to explain to them that

‘Yes, I just had to download an app, sign up, and that's all– that's kind of what cashback is, right?’ I answered. The uncertain faces made it very clear that they didn't know what cashback is.

What is cashback?

Cashback, in a very simple language, is a reward you earn provided, as a prize for paying money online. It is an encouragement from the retailers or your bank so that you use their services more. Think of it like ‘buy 5 sandwiches and get coffee free’. But, for that, you have to shop for 5 sandwiches, then only you can get a coffee for free.

Cashback is a benefit many e-commerce companies propose to the customers as their rewards. It implies earning back a fraction of the money you paid when you shop for some goods or services online via an app. Some cashback apps offer their users to earn even more cashback on shopping when the users sign up on the web or download their mobile app. That being explained, cashback can be a good way to earn small amounts. Often, there is a question on how cashback is earned and how much cashback will you be able to earn while cashback apps offer you exclusive deals, offers & coupon codes.

There are plenty of cashback apps that are on the market to ease up the spending of money by offering some percent of cashback on shopping. It is worth checking out Dealivana, which has deals on high street stores like Myntra, Oven Story, and Lifestyle, which when you spend money on their products, provides you cashback in your wallet. All you need to do is download Dealivana, put your phone number in, and here you go. Unveil the most popular cashback offers.

  • Manish Mydala
  • 12 May 2022
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